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The ClaroKey ICO is registered in Malta, in the European Union 

< mission >
Pay for shopping with Bitcoin just by scanning a QR code with your phone

ClaroKey’s mission is to make it as easy to pay with cryptocurrencies as paying with cash.

  • Pay for your shopping instantly using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Simply hold your smartphone up and scan the QR code that flashes up on the store’s credit card machine.
  • Retailers can instantly verify and accept payments in all major cryptocurrencies.
< ico_benefits >
Why buy ClaroKey Tokens?
$200 billion held in cryptocurrencies and no easy way to spend
Retailers cannot accept crypto payments using existing card machines
Very slow verification of cryptocurrency transactions
Existing crypto payments apps are expensive and difficult to set up
As of April 2019, the total value of the cryptocurrency markets stood at $182 million. At the start of 2018, the total value exceeded $750 million.
If a retailer wishes to accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, existing card machines are not capable of taking payments in cryptocurrencies. The handful of shops that accept Bitcoin or Ether today, display a different wallet code for each cryptocurrency.
Blockchain networks such as Bitcoin are notoriously slow meaning transactions do not confirm instantly. This is a fundamental barrier to widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies by retailers and merchants.
Existing solutions which allow people to spend cryptocurrencies require first applying for a debit card account, then manually converting cryptocurrencies to euros, dollars or pounds before being able to use the card. Alternative solutions block a large portion of funds held in cryptocurrencies. Neither solution allows people to spend cryptocurrencies as easy as they would cash.
  • Token Name:
    ClaroKey CK
  • Exchange Rate:
    1 CK Token = €0.04
  • Soft Cap:
  • Hard Cap:
  • Start of Public Sale:
    October 2019
  • End of Public Sale:
    December 2019
< our_strategy >
The Roadmap

Our strategy is to launch in cooperation with at least one major international payment processing company.

We have already had initial conversations with two payment processing companies who have expressed an interest in our software solutions.

< background >
Retail Revolution

ClaroKey enables store owners to use their existing card machines
to take cryptocurrency payments

In 2019 it is still not easy to pay with cryptocurrencies. Merchants are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, they prefer to stick to existing technology, and there is little incentive to change. In countries such as Sweden, cash is going out of fashion in favour of card payments. Soon, there will be very few places you can spend your money without being tracked by banks and governments, which is a privacy concern for many.

The potential market for ClaroKey is huge. Card companies charge over 3% per transaction, generated $1.5 trillion in fees in 2017, expected to rise to $2 trillion in 2015.

Payments for goods and services by mobile phone are common in developing countries in Africa and Asia. Many consumers do not have access to bank accounts nor credit cards, yet to create a cryptocurrency wallet is as easy as downloading a mobile app.

Cryptocurrencies are still a novelty in 2019… but not so long ago, so were mobile phones and the internet. Paypal has its origins back in 1998, when very few people shopped online. Similarly today, ClaroKey is laying the foundations for another technological revolution in payment systems with the potential to disrupt not only how people pay online, but in stores as well.

< how_it_works >
Pay for your shopping with Bitcoin… in seconds!
  1. When a customer wants to pay for their shopping with cryptocurrency, the cashier simply enters the amount in local currency then selects ‘crypto’ on their existing card machine.
  2. A QR code is displayed for the customer to scan with the CashFish mobile app. Customer authorises the amount converted into cryptocurrency.
  3. The transaction is instantly verified by ClaroKey using its proprietary validation algorithm then transferred from the customer to the merchant.
  • Cashless payments are the future

  • The use of cash is on the decline world wide

  • Most of the people around the world wants crypto currencies to be an acceptable form of payment.